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Way to the artificial rain at the national level

RIYADH, 22 August 2005 - A project can SR75 million artificial rain by the injection of moisture and sowing of heavy clouds will continue until the end of this year. The success attempt carried out in the Asir Province, last summer called on the authorities to a national artificial rain project to cover all regions of the United Kingdom, Naif Selhu, director of the awareness of the environment to the Presidency Meteorology and Environment (SMEs ), Said here yesterday.

The Kingdom of only 100 mm rainfall per year, which is not sufficient to household waste, industry and agriculture. In addition to the increase in dependence on the water, industrial and rapid urban growth and the improvement of living standards have led to a sharp increase in demand in fresh water a year already exceeds that the Kingdom of the renewable resources of six percent.

Selhu said that the results of the investigations after the trial period are positive. "More than 60 percent of the rainy season in Asir last year was artificially induced. The process could cloud over 'live' longer, absorb more moisture and a significant increase in rainfall," said Selhu.

"The experience has given us Asir cost more than SR3.75 million," said the SME official, adding that the project was designed to restore the countries, the underground water supplies, the rapidly diminishing. It has, however, that the artificial rain can not be induced if the rain clouds were formed by nature, and then they were artificially fertilized.

Asir was for testing, as the rain clouds are over the region throughout the year.

Of course, sometimes the clouds, where the difference without encourage supply or the lack of rainfall.

"The sowing of clouds aircraft will be used for injection materials and pulverize to induce rain," said Selhu. He said that the project is executed under the supervision of U.S. experts.

The project seems to be a viable alternative in a country, deserts such as Saudi Arabia, said a report recently published. The country has one of the driest in the world with very little rainfall, the Kingdom has the largest part of the Arabian Peninsula and its topography ranges from extensive sand for the steep mountain chains.

Asir is the only province that regular rainfall, terraces and courtyards and green forests. Two large oasis, Qatif, and Hofuf, the considerable support of agricultural production in the country.

The estimates of lifetime Saudi fossils for water reserves are very different; with an estimate suggest that they could with the beginning of the next century. Hence the need for water by whatever means, however, is important in a country like Saudi Arabia, whose people should be more than 40 million in 2025.

Much rain!

When it rains ...
oo much rain!

"If it rains, it pours" and "everything in the world lives a little rain must fall." Once I said to a friend about my problems and have asked: "What will happen?" They told me that I should say that at all. She has said that knowledge of their own has a sequence of problems and asked the same question. Shortly after the woman, the mother died. So, I will issue no more!

Life is satisfied that both the costs and blessing, is not it? Sometimes, the frustrations and accidents, all at once.

This week, the plumber two hours in our house - the setting of a butcher, a flight, a semi-Hahn stuck, and a fun survey toilet. In the last week, during the race to do, I come home to a surprise. Molly (one of our cats) had a stopper accidentally in the laundry room of washtub, while the washing machine has a load of clothes. Consequently, the washtub, more fulfilled, litter and flooded the meeting. What a waste!

We have recently bought the tickets in Puerto Rico - to join with our son and his family. Our flight from correspondence to have, was in Dallas, but it was cancelled because of heavy rain. Since it is in the vicinity of 4 July, we could not take another flight for our needs, and we had to cancel the trip. We then went according to plan B, and have led to a beautiful beach community, to the end of the week there. The bathroom sink was clogged in our hotel rooms, and there were no other rooms. Upon check-in time, they have tried, our expenses for the chamber and also for a meal that we have not eaten.

If the rainy times, take comfort!
My computer, e-mail Fritz, and it was days before, I discovered the problem. Something that I turned silent, to itself. My laptop developed a problem, too - accept it, not the password. For this reason, I was not access the Internet or e-mails. I discovered one of my cats (Priscilla) jumped on the keyboard, and is causing the problem.

I had to sing, and somewhere has confirmed two days before the event. When I arrived, the parking there told me that the singer was already there. How was it, the other singer has shown to the poor night ... probably a bad communication.

Some of these cases were frustrating, disappointing and frustrating. But in the big scheme of things, they were fairly minor. In fact, they are quite insignificant compared to the current problems in today's world, including all that the floods. Many brisk fell into the lives of so many people - literally and figuratively. If the time the rain and interference, we remind ourselves and comfort in these verses:

Performers all your anxieties on him, because he cares about you (1 Peter 5:7).

And we know that in all things God works for the welfare of those who love it, have been asked after his intent (Romans 8:28).

We know that these words are comfortable to depend on our city, but they are reassuring messages from the love of God, because our father has shown his love and care by sending Jesus to share the daily rain and floods in our life. Then take comfort from the sky promise!

If It Rains...

The cliché is: if it rains, it’s Gentle.
The last week should have been, with the title: When it begins to pulverize, a flood, during the trip.
It was on Monday, the day of the week. There are so weeks, and I was not the only one to share this view.

It began on Monday to my daily work, I discovered that I counted the points, in a sequence of pages 8 a sixth time, because the 5 times I did, I still forget successfully ordering a dress customer 2 Hook. The customer heard when I came, when the ruin in its bathroom. I had nightmares about this topic boner the whole night.

Then, on Tuesday, dermatologists, he had decided to freeze something on my face. He said that is likely to sew the rest of the day and the evil, because of the position. On the same day, we had to go from 2 hours on the highway gather for my mother in the hospital a small operation, take on their race, then back on the highway to another 2 hours. When we finally got the house, my face was still stinging, my sciatica nerve killed, and me to my knees will not move for such a long time.

I was stolen, one day holiday in my book!

Then it is on Wednesday: The space on my face now seems darn gross enough and can not be covered with make-up or whatever. What was the minor Snafu. My daughter was pregnant on foot, had some complications, on vacation at once. To him even better and her husband was on foot. As if this were not enough to ensure, and we sympathise with frozen, afraid to give them to them BGL its refusal to private insurance because of these complications!

Something good here - our stepbrother by a lawyer. But what is the improved, and we know that our little daughter has health insurance; we are obliged to our breath!

Thursday, was not too bad, the only thing that has gone wrong the first thing in the morning, and I have to hide our Labrador allergy pills in some peanut butter. I had one with juice, it is stupid by law in the vicinity of the pot (I know that you all coming, it's drum, I did not), so my arm the proposed reservoir with fluid. Darn thing littered throughout the island, in a drawer and benefits in the wooden floor francs, it was juice. It took me of course. After my time until the beginning of work on cleaning, mopping and tried to de-la cuisine. Then I finished when I go home and the work is a final laundering before dinner to begin.

Then, our son, geese Louise, our son, he is that the tattoo fetish, has decided its own consumption taxes wart! I had not seen that for much blood on an open wound from my husband was an unfortunate incident with his tonsillectomy 15 years ago. Took me 20 minutes to walk to curdle. Then I had to take care of all Fair, where his foot has left the track of its DNA.
Once again: Make your time. He has refused to leave the area immediately and to establish a couple points. Since it is almost a foot bigger than me and has about 60 books that the weight of all muscles, this time my mother bad eye "did not work. Now, I hope that my RCR and first-aid training has been Him to receive some form of Staphylococcus infection terrible!

As I have said I am not the only one who had a week on Monday. It is our daughter and son-in-law. I do not believe that one of its stellar weeks. How can they feel good?
Bad enough to more than half of your income, but all in the same week?

Two friends also discovered, they are now without jobs. No means they are happy camper!

My sister - one of his cats is something crazy, that he decided to step up their entire house as a dirty smell of garbage. Her husband is so changed that he is prepared to send the matter to prison darn cat (cage, a house) for the rest of his natural existence. Can not blame him. Summer pointed out that (okay, that is around 6, we have 13 years, but that's another story).

The two gentlemen, I have with the work of the day, they had sworn to a full moon night. If something can go bad, is shaken, and a client in the last week that he has done, the time also. A couple of these customers use to behave as if they were hard and games were actually the name that speaks to you! And of course be the "first line" Guess has received the worst of this behavior?

My hope: that in the last week it really is. Finis. Perhaps forgotten.
After all, how long can a flood? At a certain point, the sun will shine again.

Heavy rain continued on Tuesday

Heavy rain continued on Tuesday deducted, floods and landslides claim at least 54 lives in Raigad district of Maharashtra and beaten normal life in Mumbai start, rail, road and air transport in the metropolis, in confusion.

The rains have cost 28 lives and 5000 people were in the safest places of Maharashtra Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh.

The Board requested the support of the Army, Navy and the Air Force for assistance and rescue operations, he said.

Weatherman said in Mumbai, very difficult to strong rainfall for the next 48 hours with Feisty wind with a speed of 45 km to 60 km per hour.

At least 100 people are feared to have died in his sleep Jul village in Raigad district when large blocks of rocks have 20 houses with odd shaved, surintendant of the district police Rajkumar Vhatkar said.

Rescue operations in the village are not yet begun when the village was coupe rest of the country, he said.

Trento-four people were killed in an earth wall to Kondiwate. Three bodies have been removed from the wreckage, while rescue operations were still others appear to be victims crushed under the rocks, Vhatkar said.

The landslides killed eight people Roha, in three areas Poladpur, while six people were killed on Monday in landslides and drowning in the vicinity of the officials said. In Mahad, three persons were drowned when their car was taken away in the stream.

In Mumbai, rain paralyzed, road, rail and air transport to the suspension of long-distance and suburban trains, the key for millions of commuters returning home from offices. Even cell phone lines were hit hard.

The city airport remained closed since the afternoon due to poor visibility and the chances for a resumption of flights far seems that important aid in the landing and the instruments were also affected.

The aid for the landing as instrument landing system, picture-in omni-distance and equipment to measure the distance have been damaged, an official airport.

Even the radar Juhu aerodrome is "down", and as long as the situation does not improve May-flights resume, he said.

"As long as the instruments are dried, and we take a look at it on Wednesday, flights can not be recorded," he said.

He also spoke with pressure testing services (fire brigade) the areas could not be visited.

All domestic flights were diverted since the afternoon in Goa [photos], Nagpur, Baroda, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Chennai, while some that are not started, he was asked to determine their effect.

The international flights, since no later than Tuesday evening, are also abused.

The airport director Sudhir Kumar, when contacted, said at the Sahar international airport was turned off as a security measure because of the floods under the control of premises where you are.

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BLOGS and more BLOGS

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Drop's of rain

Drop's of rain
The decline in the rain drops are often represented in popular culture "in the form of tears" - will go to the base and reducing the top - but this is wrong. Only water droplets defoliant by some sources is in the form of tears in training. The small rain drops are almost spherical. Larger are always flat on the ground like bread hamburgers, very large, in the form of the parachutes. The shape of the drop was brisk by Philip Leonard in 1898. He found that small drops of rain (less than 2 mm in diameter) are nearly spherical. Because it is largely maintained (about 5 mm in diameter), they are in the form of doughnuts. After about 5 mm, they are unstable and fragmented. On average, the rain drops are 1 to 2 mm in diameter. The biggest drop of rain on Earth was recorded over Brazil and the Marshall Islands in 2004 - some of them were larger than 10 mm. The size is explained by condensation on the large smoke particles or by collisions between the drops in small areas particularly high content of water.

The Rain drops in their lively impact Terminal Velocity, which is important for larger drops. On the sea and wind, 0.5 mm impact Drizzle about 2 m / s, while the 5 mm major impact on the drops of about 9 m / s. the sound of rain drops beat the waters by air bubbles Arm under water. See drop.

As a rule, the rain has a pH value of slightly less than 6 years. This is because the atmospheric carbon dioxide dissolves into the drop to form tiny amounts of carbon dioxide, in particular a part, by lowering the pH value. In some deserts, the dust in the air contains enough calcium carbonate to combat the natural acidity of rainfall and the rainfall can be neutral or alkaline. The brisk pH value below 5.6 is considered to be the acid rain.